The Brummer's wedding day was simple, sacred and full of so much joy. These two has so much love not only for each other, but for our Lord. Their early morning wedding was one of the most beautiful nuptial Masses I have been blessed to witness. The day was so clearly focused on Christ and the sacrament of marriage, which I believe reflects the life that Logan & Gemma are going to build together.

I am so thankful they trusted me to capture their wedding day. It was joy and a pleasure!

Please pray for them as they begin this new chapter fo their lives!

First Touch & Prayer

Logan and Gemma had an early morning wedding Mass, so they wanted to have a first touch and prayer together before the ceremony started. It was a sweet moment waiting with Logan and turning him around so he wouldn't see his soon to be bride. There was a peace and excitement around that corner of the church as they held hands and prayed together for the last time as an engaged couple. I think the photos speak for themselves - these two had so much joy and it was so special to be a part of this moment with them.

The Nuptial Mass

Logan and Gemma's wedding was supposed to take place at St. John the Baptist Parish in Beloit, KS. Unfortunately, the churches renovation is still in progress, so they were not able to have the wedding in their parish. While they would have been happy getting married in the old Dollar General where the parish is holding Mass while the church is under construction, they we thankful they were able to have their Mass at St. Boniface Parish in Tipton, KS. The Mass was at 10:00am and it was a beautiful day. The church was filled with family, friends and many children. Logan and Gemma shared with me that they had invited around 200 guests and about 80 of those were adults. There are many big families in Beloit and Gemma works at the Catholic school with the children, so there were many young and joyful faces filling the church for their special day.

The Mass was so beautiful and reflected the love these two have for their Catholic faith.

Special Time in St. John's

We were very excited and grateful that the parish unlocked St. John the Baptist for us to take a few photos inside. This was very special for Logan and Gemma and I think it is great symbolism for their new life together. The church is a work in progress and still being built - just like their marriage. These photos are some of my favorites because they were able to be alone and get to spend some time together one on one (well and with me of course, but I am a fun third wheel).

We also visited the grotto behind the church, which is where Logan proposed to Gemma! So. dang. sweet.

The Reception

The reception was at Prairie Ridge Barn out by Glen Elder Lake. There were picnic tables and lots of space for games., which the kids and adults loved. The party started around 2:00pm with drinks and a late lunch, which was super delicious and made by family and friends. After dinner the children swarmed around the desert table as dozens of cookies and treats were laid out and the cake was cut. I loved seeing all the different goodies they had to choose from!

Next was the shoe game, which is always fun and filled with laughter as the bride and groom hold up opposite shoes! Then it was time for the first dances, and guys.... I might have teared up during these just a little bit. I mean COME ON. 🥺